Meet Jennifer Scully

In addition to being an interior designer, Jennifer Scully is a native Long Islander, a mom, a philanthropist, and an activist.

Jennifer’s passion for helping people, mixed with her desire to create beauty, and to leave the world a better place, has been the secret to her success. The designer’s role of being a great listener and spending time building relationships with clients is a very important part of the interior design process. With the foundation of a good working relationship, and a true understanding of her clients needs; learning what it is that truly makes clients happy-whether that be in functionality or form, Jennifer believes, is the key to any successful project. Communication is everything.

Second to communication, the experience should be enjoyable. Jennifer does everything within her power to do just that. She fully realizes that the stress of renovation, remodeling, and even furnishing and decoration can be overwhelming and it is her organic, psychological, methodical, and also super fun approach to design that keeps her clients happy, stress-free, and gives them more time to spend on important things like family, friends and work.

Jennifer is so grateful to the more than 100 clients per year on Long Island who entrust her with their homes and businesses and she looks forward to speaking with you about your next project, so give her a call today.

“Interior design is about creating the lifestyle we want. How we feel upon entering a space and how that space functions can dramatically improve our health and well-being.

If you dream it, we can build it. Together.”

– jennifer scully

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